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Take the “Nasty or Nice” QUIZ

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When you communicate in the workplace, are you nasty or nice? How do others perceive you? It seems these days that the news is filled with stories of people being nasty. They rant, They rave. They talk over others. They shout. They are desperate to be heard and understood, often at the expense of everyone else. Sometimes in the workplace, you may feel like shouting too. Maybe you’re wondering how your actions appear to others. Can you answer the question, “are you nasty or nice”? Take this little quiz and we’ll talk:


  • Do you bark out commands even when there is no urgent requirement for your direction?
  • Do you roll your eyes when others talk?
  • Do you tap your pen or foot non-stop during meetings or presentations?
  • Do you walk away from a colleague before he or she is finished speaking?
  • Do you frown a lot?
  • Do you sit back in your chair, with arms and legs crossed?
  • Do you constantly check your mobile when being face-to-face with someone else?
  • Do you not respond?
  • Do you talk more than listen?
  • Do you brag?
  • Do you squash other people’s ideas before really exploring them?
  • Do you find yourself feeling negative or insulting others?
  • Do people quickly get out of your way when they see you walking down the hall?
  • Do you cut people off or hang up when you’re done talking (even if they’re not)?
If you answered “yes” to 3 or more of the above, you run the risk of being perceived as “nasty”.

Here’s some more questions to help you decide …

  • Do you reach out to include others in projects, meetings, or social activities?
  • Do you verbally welcome new employees and introduce yourself?
  • Do you demonstrate an ability to understand another person’s perspective?
  • Do you make an effort to ask others their opinion?
  • Do you consider differing opinions as an opportunity to teach you something?
  • Do you ever implement suggestions received?
  • Do you thank people?
  • Do you check your voice volume to make sure it’s not too loud?
  • Do you stay at eye level with people you’re speaking to?
  • Do you laugh at other people’s jokes?
  • Do you give colleagues your undivided attention when they’re speaking to you?
  • Do you refrain from checking your mobile when a colleague is discussing an issue with you?
  • Do you take the initiative to welcome new employees and team members?
  • Do you make an effort to remember people’s names?
  • Do you live in a usual state of gratitude?
  • Do you verbalize a compliment when you think about it?
If you answered “no” to 3 or more of the above, you might be appearing nasty.  Being “nice” is more than a feel-good, wishy-washy thing to do. It makes good business sense. Being nice builds relationships, and relationships build your business and career. Let me repeat that …

Nice builds relationships, and relationships build your business and career.

When you’re nice to team members, you contribute to team cohesiveness, morale, and productivity. You help to engage employees, retain them, and keep hiring costs to a minimum. Being nice to clients means you earn repeat business, word-of-mouth promotion, and referrals. 
Look at your behaviors. Are you proud of them? Or are you behaving in a Machevalian manner where the result is all that counts and the human carnage you leave behind means nothing? Some may argue that this is business. That you can’t be both heart-centered and earn great profits. I disagree. I don’t see them as mutually exclusive. Heart-driven businesses and leaders succeed every day, and sometimes more so than the others. Why? 
Because they put their customers and team members first. And yes, they treat them kindly. Do you?
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