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Nothing beats face-to-face

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Want to really connect with your clients, colleagues, boss or employees? Then communicate with them face-to-face.

Nowadays, there is a vast array of communication vehicles available to you at any time, most of them electronic. Think email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, texting, chat lines, voicemail, Skype, the list goes on and on. Do you find yourself overwhelmed and wondering which vehicle is best for you to connect with others? Truth is, there is no “best” one, just different ways.

Are you wondering which communication vehicle to use?

The answer is, “it depends”. And here’s on what …

  • the person with whom you’re communicating
  • the degree of “touchiness” or delicate nature of the subject
  • the urgency of the matter
  • the degree of emotional investment
  • the amount of risk riding on the conversation

All that being said, let me share with you my personal belief — when it comes to building relationships …

There is nothing, absolutely no technology, that will ever replace face-to-face communication.

In the vehicles of communication, in-person is the Cadillac, the Mercedes, the Porsche, or the … fill in the blank with whatever WOW car you have in your mind. When people meet in person, there is a visceral response, a gut reaction, a literal change in brain chemistry. Looking into someone’s eyes evokes an emotional response. Shaking a hand and “pressing the flesh” results in deepening relationships and strengthening rapport.

This is exactly why conferences and conventions still took place during the recent years of tightened budgets; why town halls and meetings hosted by corporate leaders in person are effective in building teams and breaking both good and bad news; and why bonding with clients over coffee works.

One of my most satisfying moments is when I have the opportunity to meet clients in person.

Whether I’m speaking at a conference, coaching or consulting, it’s these face-to-face communications that really make me feel connected with YOU! Do you know what I mean?

Think about the last time you met someone in person for the first time. You felt certain energy, right? The more important that person or relationship is to you, the stronger the excitement. If you’ve ever met a celebrity you admire, you know the feeling … and the significance of face-to-face.

So here’s your task:

Think of one person you know you want to really connect with — and do it this week. In-person. Why? Because when it’s really important, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that replaces face-to-face.  

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Until next time, here’s to …
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Marion Grobb Finkelstein
Keynote Speaker / Corporate Trainer / Author

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