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Have Your Say, Get Your Way™

(a.k.a., Lead with influence ... without being a bully or beeyotch)

PERFECT FOR:  Leaders, managers, volunteers, and employees who want to get heard, influence decision-makers, and communicate concerns. If you find yourself in situations where you wonder if you should speak up or walk away, if you wish you had a step-by-step formula to express yourself in difficult situations, if you want to say what you’re really thinking and just don’t know how, then this program is for you.

 What I learned in this session has changed the way I communicate. Now I can say what I really think … and feel good about it

Member, Clinic Managers of British Columbia

FORMAT OPTIONS: Keynote (to get inspired), briefing session (to whet your appetite) OR workshop (to learn new skills).
NOTE: All programs are available in-person (as Covid restrictions permit) OR virtually online. Your choice.

DURATION OPTIONS: 30 to 60-minute keynote; OR 45 to 90-minute briefing; OR half-day, full-day, to multi-day facilitated workshop. Scope and content of presentation will be modified to accommodate the learning objectives and amount of time allocated to this session by the  client.
NOTE: This, and all my communication topics, are also available as coaching or consulting packages.

DESCRIPTION: Do you remember a time when you wish you had spoken up? Maybe you had a great idea, but no one in the boardroom heard it. Or worse yet, someone else blurted out what you wanted to say and got all the credit. Have you ever been so upset about something that you just couldn’t find the words to productively express yourself, so you either exploded in anger or burst into tears? Maybe you walked away in avoidance, resignation or frustration? On that very day, you wanted to have your say, to share your expertise, to stand your ground and be heard; you just didn’t know how. With the “IDEAL Say It System”, you’ll know when and how to speak up or walk away, and do it all without regret. You’ll be equipped to influence the decision-makers in your life and step into your role as a leader. 

Do you …

  • sit in meetings and keep it all inside until you explode?
  • want to kick yourself for saying too much?
  • meet with clients and shudder at the thought of sharing your concerns?
  • get tired of saying, “wish I’d said that”?
  • struggle with knowing when to say something or remain silent?
  • live in a constant state of regret and uncertainty about what you said or didn’t say?
The feedback afterwards was overwhelmingly positive… our employees are still talking about what they learned and applying key principles in their day-to-day communications… well worth the investment … excellent session and one which I highly recommend!

Vice-President, Tiree Workplace Facility Solutions (Ottawa, ON)

  • With Marion’s “IDEAL Say It System™”, you’ll …- Identify your triggers  (what pushes your buttons?)
  • Describe your default response (discover your personality strengths and patterns)
  • Explore the options (Marion’s “S.U.S.A. Decision Model™ will show you how)
  • Assert or accept (know exactly what to say and never be tongue-tied again)
  • Let go to move forward (6 salient questions that let you release the guilt and regret that tether you down)


  • Decisively determine if it’s best to speak up or step down
  • Influence decision-makers (get your expertise heard)
  • Position yourself as a leader
  • Effectively get your voice heard and your influence felt
  • Present your contrary viewpoint and feedback, respectfully
  • Decrease stress, frustration and regret in what you said or didn’t say
  • Foster honest and authentic relationships and respectful workplaces
  • Position yourself as a leader deserving to be heard

BONUS: the skills and techniques you gain will be useful in your personal life too!

This session will assist you in knowing exactly when to speak up or step away, what to say, how to assess results and adjust behaviour, and most importantly, how to let go to move forward. Stop whipping yourself for staying silent or saying too much and start using these systems to communicate without regret.

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