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PROGRAM: At Your Service™

(a.k.a., Lead with customer service)

PERFECT FOR: Anyone who wants to empower their staff dealing with the public, strategically use resources to create memorable customer experiences, and increase your client satisfaction levels. You’re a front-line staff member, guest relations pro, healthcare provider dealing with patients, client rep, or a manager. Whatever your position, the one thing you have in common is that you provide a service to your internal colleagues or external customers and stakeholders — they’re all your clients. You work for a public, private or not-for-profit organization that is client-oriented and interested in fostering customer satisfaction, loyalty, referrals, and repeat business.

FORMAT OPTIONS: Keynote (to get inspired), briefing session (to whet your appetite) OR workshop (to learn new skills).
NOTE: All programs are available in-person (as Covid restrictions permit) OR virtually online. Your choice.

DURATION OPTIONS: 30 to 60-minute keynote; OR 45 to 90-minute briefing; OR half-day, full-day, to multi-day facilitated workshop. Scope and content of presentation will be modified to accommodate the learning objectives and amount of time allocated to this session by the  client.
NOTE: This, and all my communication topics, are also available as coaching or consulting packages.

 Customer service is our reason for being, and Marion gave us lots of great advice on how we can make it even better.

Kitchener Public Library

 Of particular value to our group was the constant interaction that Marion promoted among participants … We would highly recommend Marion Grobb Finkelstein as the facilitator of your event.

Arlene K. Stone, Q.A.A. National Vice President, Association of Administrative Assistants

DESCRIPTION: Imagine if you had a formula to provide amazing customer service. It would begin with understanding various communication styles, including your own, and how to build bridges between them, allowing you to connect with all types of clients. It would include hard-core, proven techniques for establishing rapport, dealing with difficult people and situations, and creating wonderful and lasting impressions. 

You would unlock your ability to build relationships, reinforce your organization’s brand, and grab the competitive edge. Marion’s “At Your Service” program pulls from her 30-plus years of in-the-trenches experience as a Director Communications and Promotion at international airports, national museums and federal institutions. She candidly shares real-life stories of customer service challenges along with solutions she’s honed to manage them. You will never look at customer service in quite the same way … and the lucky recipients of your service will notice.

 As a result of attending Marion’s program, our members say that they’ve improved their ability to manage, feel less stressed and more in control, and will be approaching clients differently.

Nicole McCallion, Special Events Coordinator, Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association


  • Identify and build on your existing customer service strengths
  • Build a team of client-service-minded colleagues
  • Make great and lasting first impressions to build relationships
  • Leverage every contact point to enhance the customer experience
  • Connect with all types of clients (even the difficult ones)
  • De-escalate contentious disgruntled client situations
  • Flip a negative experience into a positive service opportunity (use C+C)
  • Adjust your mindset and response when things go wrong (2 steps, 4 key questions)
  • Turn a complainer into your best ally (a simple 3-step process that really works)
  • Empower yourself and save your boss time (you won’t have to escalate the situation)
 It’s my pleasure to recommend Marion Grobb Finkelstein as a speaker and presenter to anyone wanting the simplicity of working with a consummate professional.

Professional Development Director, Project Management Institute

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