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All of Marion’s programs are available as keynotes, workshops, or briefings.

All programs are available VIRTUALLY and, as Covid restrictions permit, in-person.

Marion’s programs are bold, lively and practical. They’ll help you and your organization increase productivity, teamwork, and confidence in workplace communication. They are full of hands-on, proven and powerful tips and strategies ripped from Marion’s real-life, 30-plus year management and communication experience.

For anyone looking to kick off his or her conference with an informative and uplifting presentation, I would highly recommend Marion Grobb Finkelstein. She is a polished speaker who will contribute to the success of your event.
Susan Zimmer, Author of “I Love Coffee!”

Add Value when you lead™

(a.k.a., and raise your leadership profile)

At Your Service™

(a.k.a., Lead with Customer Experience)

Bounce Forward™

(a.k.a., Positively lead in negative times)

Communication Meets Corporate Goals™

(a.k.a., Achieve corporate goals by leading with strategic communication plans)

Communicate to Connect™

(a.k.a., Lead different personalities with your strengths)

Have Your Say, Get Your Way™

(a.k.a., Lead with influence … without being a bully or beeyotch)

Say It Like a Leader™

(Communicate the good, the bad, the ugly)

Team Talks™

(Build on your team strengths!)

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