Communicate to connect with clients, colleagues, bosses, and employees

PROGRAM: Add value as you lead™

(... and raise your leadership profile)

PERFECT FOR: Leaders at all levels who want to contribute more, increase performance, and maximize how they impact their organizations — and earn some recognition in the process. It’s a perfect choice for managers advising and coaching employees in their leadership skills and career paths. This session is suitable for both emerging and existing managers, in all areas of expertise.

Ready to up your contribution and get noticed? To move your career and talent into high gear? Feel like you want to help others while getting some well-earned recognition for yourself? Then this is the session for you.

FORMAT OPTIONS: Keynote (to get inspired), briefing session (to whet your appetite) OR workshop (to learn new skills).
NOTE: All programs are available in-person (as Covid restrictions permit) OR virtually online. Your choice.

DURATION OPTIONS: 30 to 60-minute keynote; OR 45 to 90-minute briefing; OR half-day, full-day, to multi-day facilitated workshop. Scope and content of presentation will be modified to accommodate the learning objectives and amount of time allocated to this session by the  client.
NOTE: This, and all my communication topics, are also available as coaching or consulting packages.

 This session exceeded my expectations! Great suggestions to put into action.” / “Wonderful tips for raising your profile regardless of your position in the organization” / Great points and practical application. Very uplifting.
Attendees, Promotional Product Professionals of Canada

Marion captivated the audience with her humorous start”, “Excellent presentation — wish it was longer!”, “Could have listened for hours”, “An uplifting and encouraging presentation — well done!
Attendees, International Administrative Assistant Professionals (Ottawa West Chapter)

DESCRIPTION: In this popular presentation, Marion Grobb Finkelstein shares 9 practical, powerful, and proven strategies to increase your effectiveness in the workplace. Honed from years of research and real-life application, these strategies will help you to ably serve your clients, colleagues, bosses, and employees, while also positioning yourself as a leader. In doing so, you will contribute to building teams, earning trust, and contributing to organizational goals. 

These 9 “value multipliers” are also excellent for you to reference when leading, guiding, and coaching others. You will shave years off your learning curve and be equipped to contribute more to your organization while positioning yourself as a valued leader and team-player. And the bonus? You raise your profile in the process. With this session, everyone wins.

Marion’s strategies were amazing. I’ve already applied them to daily activities and notice a change in not only my demeanor, but others around me.
Member, Association of Administrative Assistants

At the end of this session, you’ll have everything you need to: 

  • lead from a place of service (model to others)
  • communicate with busy decision-makers (and have them thank you for it)
  • dramatically cut your learning curve (save time and effort)  
  • spend your limited resources strategically so your organization (and you) get the biggest bang for your effort
  • help others perform better by sharing your expertise (without sounding like a braggart)
  • strategically build relationships (HINT: it’s about coffee breaks)
  • lead as a problem solver when you do THIS (your boss will love it)

Why take years learning these lessons? Let Marion share with you the techniques she has perfected over decades. Save yourself time, energy and frustration as you discover the tried and true value-added strategies that will make a difference in your life, career, and workplace. It’s time to let your leadership light shine!

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