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PROGRAM: Network Like a PRO!™
(a.k.a., Lead by leveraging face-to-face opportunities)

PERFECT FOR: Business people who want to get the most out of conferences, workshops, tradeshows, workplace social functions and other networking opportunities. Especially useful for those who feel uncomfortable in mix’n mingle circumstances and don’t know how to identify and leverage the opportunities to build relationships and biz.

DURATION: one-hour briefing; or half-day to full-day workshop (Content depth and scope will be adjusted to accommodate amount of presentation time allocated by the client).

 A vibrant, exciting session that instilled confidence in my networking abilities. Fabulous and easy-to-use tips for getting over my fear of networking. This session provides open, candid, truthful conversation about the awkwardness of networking … and solutions that help

Members, Canadian Society of Association Executives

DESCRIPTION: Networking opportunities abound. They build relationships and business. Knowing how to network before, during and after the event maximizes the benefits that await you. Networking is not what it used to be, so this session touches on the various vehicles and methods you can put to use immediately to connect with your clients, colleagues, bosses and employees at your very next networking opportunity. Everyone is different, including you, so this session also touches on a couple personality dimensions that will help you connect, every time.

(This program) provides you with practical tips on how to mingle and enter a group of people already engaged.
It was fun and valuable. This session forces you to go outside your comfort zone … and network!.
Fun, interactive, able to practice and apply information – gave me the confidence to initiate the first move.

Members, Canadian Society of Association Executives


  • easy ways to initiate a conversation (you’ll know the actual words that work)
  • body language that welcomes others
  • 3 ways to end a conversation and move on
  • tips on keeping the conversation going
  • how to stretch to meet others while still being authentic and true to yourself
  • ways to connect before, during and after the event
  • increased confidence … because you’ll know how!

This session will give you the tools and strategies to get the most out those networking opportunities you face. No need to feel awkward or out of place. You’ll know how to think, see, say and do to build your business, relationships and career, as you network like a pro!

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