The Finkelstein Factor™

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The Finkelstein Factor™

What to do when things go wrong … because you know they will (sigh)

The Finkelstein Factor™ plots a roadmap to guide you in flipping just about any negative event into a positive outcome. Sprinkled with real-life stories, this book resonates with anyone facing a personal or workplace challenge, wanting to boost their resiliency, and wishing they knew how to bounce forward … and then let go. Much more than just a “feel good” read, The Finkelstein Factor™  shares proven, practical, and powerful tools and strategies to:

  • Shift your thinking about self-care (it’s not selfish, it’s selfless!)
  • Deal with the often overlooked step of acknowledging your loss
  • 4 insightful questions to help you flip any negative event to a positive outcome
  • 6 acid test questions to help you let go and move forward without guilt or regret

When things go wrong, Marion Grobb Finkelstein calls it, The Finkelstein Factor™ .

Inspired by the innate coping skills of her husband, Steve, and through a combination of survival instinct and sheer desperation, Marion developed the Flip It Formula, a series of steps to shift your mindset and grab something positive out of every negative event. Having lived through broken dreams, health challenges, and bully bosses, Marion is no stranger to adversity and shares surefire ways to reclaim your enthusiasm, confidence, and ability to move forward.

“I learned about the importance of self-care and how it impacts me … and others” (Reader of The Finkelstein Factor)

In her conversational tone, Marion translates real-life stories into learning lessons and actionable steps that will help you rebound from personal or workplace challenges. She shares these approaches and workplace communication strategies with thousands through online videos, live presentations at association conferences, and corporate in-house training sessions. And now, she shares her most recent systems through this book.