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PROGRAM: Team Talks™

(Lead with team strengths)

PERFECT FOR: Diverse teams who want to leverage personality differences and strengths and really connect with each other, increase productivity, and boost retention rates and team morale. This workshop helps you build truthful, trusting teams that support and value each other.

FORMAT OPTIONS: Keynote (to get inspired), briefing session (to whet your appetite) OR workshop (to learn new skills). Private coaching is also available. 
NOTE: All programs are available in-person OR virtually online. Your choice. Either way, your program will be interactive and full of hands-on learning.

DURATION OPTIONS: 60-minute keynote; OR 90-minute briefing; OR half-day, full-day, to multi-day facilitated workshop. Scope and content of the presentation will be modified to accommodate your learning objectives and the amount of time you allocate to this session.
NOTE: This, and all my communication topics, are also available as coaching or consulting packages.

What participants got out of this session:

 A better understanding and liking of my co-workers”

“Knowledge of how to deal with (difficult) situations”

“Learned to listen more and PAUSE before I speak”

“How to interact with my colleagues to generate solutions to specific goals, taking into account their personality types” 

(NOTE: This service is also offered as more in-depth and personalized coaching or consulting where Marion works with you to measure current levels of teamwork, spot the challenge areas and develop strategies to address the hot spots).

My first action is to figure out the appreciation preference of my team members and to demonstrate my appreciation to them ASAP!
People Advisor of a resources and energy company (Member, Human Resources Professionals Association)

DESCRIPTION: This session provides hands-on, skill development “workshop” format so attendees leave with solid communication skills they can put to work to connect with team members, starting NOW! Learning points are supported using slides, break-out “speed exercises”, role plays, personal anecdotes and engaging stories. The tone of this session is fun, uplifting, lighthearted and supportive. Participants are invited to step beyond their comfort zones, to share their perspectives, celebrate successes and collectively find solutions to team communication challenges. They will leave with greater insights and personal action plans they can put to work immediately to enhance team-building.

  This session helped me be aware of my Supervisory style allowing for employee empowerment, and growth
Supervisor, City of Thunder Bay

In this session, you will:

  • Discover each team member’s personal communication style, strengths, and challenges (build respectful work culture);
  • Understand and celebrate the gifts both introverts and extroverts bring to your team (it’s not what you think);
  • Develop strategies to better connect with different personality types (hands-on tips you can apply immediately);
  • Each team member feels validated and heard;
  • Get results: Increased productivity and team morale, decreased stress and communication misunderstandings

How you and your colleagues communicate with each other, in large part, determines the effectiveness and efficiency of your team. This presentation recognizes that fact and explores the basis of great team communications. You will discover what is working well in the communications of your team and what areas could be enhanced, and how. 

Specifically, this session will cover (NOTE: content may be reduced to accommodate time allotment):


  • Discover your individual strengths and communication style
  • Explore and appreciate team strengths
  • Learn to lean on each other
  • Build bridges between your style and that of others


  • How you think affects how you communicate and see the world
  • Create your own reality
  • Feel empowered
  • Assume responsibility and avoid being a victim


  • Define your team’s specific communication challenges
  • Develop solutions that contribute to organizational goals
  • Develop your personal “next steps” action plan to improve interpersonal communications

This interactive workshop is ideal for healthy teams who want to build on their strengths and are ready to actively find solutions to their challenges. You will leave with renewed enthusiasm and strategies to work together. Why wait a minute longer? Start reaping the benefits now.

Marion kept the audience engaged, participating and applying the principles she shared. She made the learning real and practical and our participants told us that they valued the professional development this session offered.
HRPA (Hamilton Chapter)


Dive deep into how and why your team works. Marion offers coaching and consulting services that will help you measure results to present to your team members, senior management, and stakeholders. Each of these options with an additional fee to be discussed.

a)  PRE-SESSION — INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITY ASSESSMENTS FOR EACH MEMBER: For an additional fee, each team member will participate in a confidential, online Personality Dimensions™ assessment. A brief, written summary will be provided to each member at the beginning of the workshop and will serve as the foundation to build in-depth understanding of each team member’s personality and communication styles. Members will feel validated, respected, and know specifically how to use their natural gifts to contribute to team goals.
** NOTE ** this in-depth assessment is recommended for complex team projects or communication challenges.

b)  PRE-SESSION — GET A BASELINE: For an additional fee, Marion will survey each member of your employee team prior to her session to determine the extent to which your employees are currently working as a team. She will share the results as part of her presentation and focus in on the areas requiring particular attention, specific to YOUR organization. 

c) POST-SESSION — DEVELOP AN IMPLEMENTATION PLAN:  For an additional fee, Marion will facilitate a session with your team members and/or management team to develop strategies and tactics for your “move-forward” plan.

d) POST-SESSION — MEASURE THE RESULTS: For an additional fee, Marion will survey your employee team AFTER her session and AFTER you have had a chance to implement some of the strategies discussed. This post-session survey will actively measure the difference in extent of teamwork, demonstrating the impact your new strategies have had. NOTE: this option must be used in conjunction with the “pre-session” survey in order to provide comparisons of the “before” and “after” session metrics.

e) POST-SESSION — FOLLOW UP WITH COACHING: Available as individual or group coaching, coaching ensures that the learning points are put to action and provides support during implementation of new skills. Explore coaching options here.

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