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So, you think you want a communication coach?

Unlike other coaches, Marion uses a mix of consulting and mentoring with her coaching. That means, sometimes she’ll ask you questions and other times, she’ll suggest answers for your consideration. This hybrid approach saves you time, money, and allows you to tap directly into Marion’s considerable communication and management expertise. You will pinpoint your communication hot-spots, decide on a path of action, and finally, measure results. Also, as a certified personality assessor, Marion has the tools to help you discover and leverage your natural communication gifts and talents, as well as pinpoint your growth areas that will trip you up if you’re unaware. 

Prepare to change your results!

I work with leaders at all levels, whether managers or not ... you are a leader. Get ready to change up how you think, what you say, and the actions you take. Marion helps you wrestle your biggest communication challenges to the ground. Marion's clients experience: 

-- improved workplace relationships;
-- increased confidence in communicating in tough situations; -- an instant feeling of relief for (finally) being heard;
-- greater professional presence;

-- being seen as a strong communicator and leader;
-- less stress and feeling of overwhelm.

You get a safe place to learn and practice new communication skills, strategies, and techniques from a seasoned pro.

Are we a good fit?

Are you a manager or non-manager? Regardless of where you sit in your organization’s hierarchy, you have the potential to lead right from where you are. And Marion can help you get there.

Getting a coach is great and useful only IF you’re ready to bite into your communication problem and do the work to find solutions. Marion will help you, and it’s you who needs to implement or else nothing will change. Are you ready, results oriented, and so uncomfortable with status quo you know you deserve more? 

Be prepared to be accountable for your own learning and implementation. Marion will hold your feet to the fire and stretch you to grow. Yup, it might feel uncomfortable–that’s why it’s called, “growing pains” 😉

Think about it this way: If you don’t change, what’s the REAL price you’ll pay?

You have choices. Pick the one that works for you.

Marion knows you have coaching choices, so why her? Because she has 30-plus years of management experience, has coached hundreds of employees and clients in those years, and has real-world solutions waiting for you. 

Not only does she boast an impressive management background, her marketing analyst skills her being certified in Personality Dimensions(TM) allow her to personalize the tips and strategies she shares with you and ... wait for it ... measure the results. She will do what it takes for you to experience the transition you hope to achieve.

Just choose the package that best meets your needs.

  • ONLINE GROUP COACHING: This option helps open the lines of communication for your whole team. You don’t have a team? Have tight budget? You can still do cost-effective group sessions with a mix of Marion’s clients. You are supported by other professionals and gain from their objective input and hearing their stories.
  • ONLINE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING: This is a perfect option for confidential or personal communication matters too intense for discussing in a group, or if you just feel more comfortable in a one-to-one situation. It offers highly personalized attention so you can really dig down deep into complex issues with assurance of complete confidentiality.
  • ONSITE VISITS: Marion will come to your workplace and put her observation and marketing research skills to work for you. She may interview your team members, offer online surveys, or simply observe and record behaviours. Using this research as a base, she works with you to develop your “next steps” in wrestling your communication challenge to the ground. You leave with a report and recommendations.

Confidentiality is assured

If you select one-on-one coaching, Marion earns your trust by sharing your personal details with no one. Period. Not even the person who signs off to pay for your coaching (if that’s not you). And as far as company business is concerned, if you wish, she’ll sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) too. These approach lays a solid foundation to build insightful, truth-telling discussions. 

PS: With your permission, Marion may speak to your supervisor to make suggestions or recommendations that will further support your professional development and contribute to the organization in general. If so, personal details you don’t want relayed won’t be.

Change takes time

Many variables affect the coaching process. The length and impact of coaching depends on the complexity of your communication challenge, the number of people participating, and the degree of commitment to implement. One thing for sure–change takes time. You will get personalized support over a period of several weeks or months, as your needs dictate. 

NOTE: Marion’s consulting services are not a one-day fix. You will work one-on-one with Marion to deep dive into your workplace communication challenge(s) over an extended period of time (usually a few months) to create sustainable solutions specific to your organization. Your consulting package will be tailored to your specific needs and may include personalized training sessions, webinars, surveys and executive coaching. Marion will provide you with written summary reports of methodology and recommendations to get you unstuck, and give you the skills you need to get your workplace communication moving forward.

Are you ready?

So, are you ready to take responsibility and action to change your status quo? Does it hurt so much you can’t take it anymore? Will you kick your butt if you don’t take control and know that you did all you could? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to chat with Marion. Contact her at

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