YOUR GROUP COACHING (up to 10 team members, per session hour)


Want some personalized solutions for your team’s most challenging communication issues? Select the number of hours you want to purchase. You pay upfront and have up to one year to use your purchased group coaching time.

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You choose the number of  YOUR GROUP COACHING hours that works for you ($500/hour, up to 10 team members per session):

  • 1 hour: $500
  • 4 hours: $2000
  • 6 hours: 3000
  • NOTE: The first session is one full hour. The following sessions may be broken into 30-minute segments.


These are open discussion format. You pick the topic, Marion listens and offers suggests. She uses a combination of mentoring and coaching techniques to get you and your team solutions, fast.

Why YOUR GROUP coaching?

This is a perfect choice if you have a team who wants to build appreciation for each others’ communication styles and leadership strengths. This group coaching with up to 10 of your team members offers a great way to build common goals, learn common language and skills, and develop communication implementation plans.

Why Marion?

Unlike other coaches, Marion uses a mix of consulting and mentoring with her coaching. That means, sometimes she’ll ask you questions, and other times, she’ll suggest answers for your consideration. This hybrid approach saves you time and money, and allows you to tap directly into Marion’s considerable communication and management expertise. You will pinpoint your communication hot-spots, decide on a path of action, and finally, measure results.


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