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Just click on the link to the right to download the highlights of my PowerPoint presentation. Before the session, print it out and use it to follow along and take notes. After the session, use it to test what you’ve learned and as a reference to refresh your memory down the road.

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Shoot me a comment, testimonial, or question marion@marionspeaks.com about our recent session. I’d really love to hear what you put into practice and the impact it’s had on your workplace. What tip or strategy do you find most useful? Or, if you are experiencing workplace communication or leadership challenges, let me know and we’ll explore options that will work for you. 

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Do you know how to flip negative events into positive outcomes? This book will tell you.

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Get proven tips, strategies, and techniques to flip any negative event to a positive outcome. This book equips you with a practical, step-by-step approach to meet life and work challenges head on. Marion guides you through questions and exercises that help build your resiliency to meet that difficulty you’re grappling with, or the one that awaits you just around the corner.

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My latest book, THE FINKELSTEIN FACTOR: What to do when things go wrong … because you know they will (sigh).  After years of sharing my communication systems with clients nationwide, I have gathered my top strategies of how to flip negative events into positive outcomes. And now you can have them too.

It begins by communicating with yourself and ends by communicating with others. This step-by-step guide will walk you through exactly how to do that … and then, to let go.  Discover THE FINKELSTEIN FACTOR


“Love this book, couldn’t put it down once I started! Marion’s insightful advice helps us make the most of those unwelcome, unexpected circumstances that we all face throughout our lives. Her unpretentious, pragmatic approach reminds us to keep things in perspective and prioritize the truly important things in life. With grace, compassion, humility and humour, she is an example of a life well-lived, reminding us to ‘check ourselves’ and aspire to be better.” Patti (5/5 star rating)

“Steps work and are easy to do. Super easy to read and relate to. Marion weaves her point effortlessly into stories we can all relate to. She causes you to think, adjust, and come out better for it. Uplifting, motivational, and completely practical.” Patrick, 5/5 star rating)

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You might want a little pick-me-up, so here’s a video full of tips to keep you connected and positive anytime … and especially now. Take a peek and let me know (at marion@marionspeaks.com) what tips you put to use. Or post your comment or thumbs up directly on my YouTube channel. Always a delight to hear from you 🙂