Congrats! You are a "RECEPTIVE NETWORKER"

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Thanks for taking the quiz. Your answers suggest that you are an “RECEPTIVE NETWORKER”, and that’s great news!

Your networking strengths:

As a “RECEPTIVE NETWORKER”, you receive other networkers graciously. You are generally welcoming when someone approaches you and sparks up a conversation. 

In spite of all these natural networking talents, you are likely just as comfortable, or even prefer, watching from the sidelines as others mix and mingle. You typically avoid initiating conversations and introductions and much prefer for others to approach you first. While you may enjoy large gatherings for limited amounts of time, you excel and may feel most comfortable in one-on-one conversations. 

Being understated, speaking perhaps a little softer and slower, and keeping your gestures small and controlled, you exude a certain quiet confidence. You quite naturally listen attentively and that makes others feel heard and valued. You enjoy hearing others regale you with tales and stories 

Although networking may not always feel completely comfortable to you, you pull on your strengths and energies to make it work. After an event, you may well feel drained and need some time to relax and be alone before you are ready to interact with others again. You want some quiet time to decompress and get your energy back. You’ve pretty much used up all your words for that day and prefer some relaxing activity that requires minimal, if any, interaction with others.

Your networking growth areas:

Being a good listener comes second nature to you and because of this, at networking events, you may be listening way more than you speak. In fact, on occasion, you find that others talk too much and it can be difficult for you to get a word in edgewise. As a result, you may resort to saying very little or withdraw completely from responding, allowing others to carry the conversation for you. You are tempted to, and sometimes do, become more of an audience than a participant when networking (which is really unfortunate because you have so much to offer others). 

If you believe “chitchat” to be a waste of time, think of it a little differently. While it may not be solving the world’s problems, surface conversations do create an opportunity for you to build a relationship. Here’s the key — it’s those very lighthearted, chitchat conversations that show people’s personalities, provide insights on their humour, and are the stepping stones to lead to more meaningful, real, and in-depth topics. View chitchat as an intermediary step to the real conversation that may occur at this networking event, though more likely at a future date.

You may benefit by honing your skill of politely and comfortably inserting yourself into conversations. Instead of replying to questions with laconic one-syllable responses, expand on your response. Ask questions more often, offer comments, inject similar experiences you have had, to keep the conversation going. 

Your subtle manner is sometimes misunderstood. While you are focused on listening attentively, you may remain expressionless. The world can’t read your mind so if you’re interested, tell your face, give actions, gestures, and comments, to show the other person you are engaged and interested. Be a little more animated. Give your networking efforts energy because that’s how you honour others and bridge the gap between your networking style and theirs.

Networking takes energy for you and can be draining. Be sure to allow yourself time both before and after an event to recharge your battery and you’ll be good to go.


As a RECEPTIVE NETWORKER, you have amazing networking strengths! You also have terrific opportunities to pump up those skills even further.  Be more aware of your growth areas and lean into your natural personality and  networking strengths. Networking is a wonderful tool you can use strategically to build your teams, foster new relationships, and nurture new business opportunities. Go do what you do best and stretch those growth areas. You got this!

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