The Finkelstein FactorTM (online WORKSHOP for your organization)

PERFECT FOR: Organizations and individuals facing challenges in either their personal lives or workplace. These struggles include a variety of circumstances, such as organizational upheaval, dealing with difficult employees or bosses, or grappling with medical or financial issues. This session provides strategies to increase your resiliency. It is suitable for leaders at all levels and anyone who wants to increase their coping skills.

DURATION: one-hour briefing; half-day or full-day workshop. Session content and depth will be adjusted to accommodate the time allocated for this presentation by the client.

Ever feel like life or work is handing you an obstacle too big to climb? Having difficulty letting go of anger, resentment, and victimhood? With a step-by-step guide, this session will introduce you to the FINKELSTEIN FACTORTM , a proven system to change the way you see and respond to challenges. This session examines the importance of self-care, responsibility, opportunity, and lessons learned. Come with a particular challenge in mind, or learn the system so you can apply it to the challenge that awaits you around the corner. Exceptionally practical and full of how-to tips, after this session, you’ll face difficulties and move forward with confidence, and without guilt or regret.

Attendees of “The Finkelstein FactorTM” presentation say:

“This workshop is professional, informative, and fun!”
“I learned about the importance of self-care and how it impacts me … and others”
100% of these attendees rated this session as “Very good” or “Excellent”

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Learning outcomes:

  • give yourself permission to engage in self-care (discover why it’s the most selfless thing you could do)
  • reframe a loss or difficulty (get the gain out of the pain)
  • discover the critical first step forward most people don’t know about (you will never move forward without doing this)
  • grab practical strategies to improve your chances of success in future
  • get 6 acid tests questions to help you let go (get rid of the hurt, guilt, and regret)
  • move from victim to victor (empower yourself by changing how you view and handle challenges)



(Abridged) “Marion, thank you for the amazing training. Some sessions put me to sleep but I was engaged and enjoyed yours entirely. Thanks for being such a great presenter and for sharing your personal experiences.” 
(Attendee, Office of the Auditor General of Ontario)

When things go wrong, Marion Grobb Finkelstein calls it, The Finkelstein Factor™ .

Inspired by the innate coping skills of her husband, Steve, and through a combination of survival instinct and sheer desperation, Marion developed the Flip It Formula, a series of steps to shift your mindset and grab something positive out of every negative event. Having lived through broken dreams, health challenges, and bully bosses, Marion is no stranger to adversity and shares surefire ways to reclaim your enthusiasm, confidence, and ability to move forward.

In her conversational tone, Marion translates real-life stories into learning lessons and actionable steps that will help you rebound from personal or workplace challenges. She shares these approaches and workplace communication strategies with thousands through online videos, live presentations at association conferences, and corporate in-house training sessions. and through her book, “THE FINKELSTEIN FACTOR: What to do when things go wrong … because you know they will (sigh)”. And now, through this program, she shares her most recent systems with you.