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(a.k.a., Strategies to Get a Word in Edgewise, Against All Odds)

In this keynote presentation, Marion puts the spotlight on the #1 question she gets asked — “How do I stop someone interrupting me?”. It’s beyond frustrating when a colleague, client, boss or employee won’t let you complete a sentence or get a word in edge-wise, no matter how hard you try. You’re at your wit’s end. Why do they insist on doing that? And what can you do about it? With this session, you’ll get those answers.

Way beyond theoretical, Marion provides humorous and thought-provoking real-life examples along with practical tips you can put to use NOW to manage those “buttinskis”. These are Marion’s stories of how she handles interruptions that affect workplace communication, and how any business person at any level or in any organization can do the same.

You will leave knowing how to …

  • * Shut down the interrupter in face-to-face conversations
  • * Take back control when you get interrupted
  • * Be ready knowing what to say and do next time you get interrupted
  • * Use your body language to signal, “Hey, it’s my turn to talk”
  • * Stop yourself if YOU are the interrupter
  • * Handle life interruptions that throw you for a loop

This keynote ends with insights to those interruptions that affect your very life and goals — those unexpected blips in your path that send you careening in a different direction, and what you can do about it.

Marion loves working with business people at all levels and from all sectors including corporate, not-for-profit and government. Her ability to find laughter in the oddest places and her somewhat irreverent sense of humor help drive home her lessons in coping with the challenges of workplace communication.

NOTE: Marion’s keynotes are 45 to 60 minutes. Duration is modified to accommodate your timing needs.

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