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Your happiness is all in your head

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you waved a magic wand and were immediately happy? Poof! Easy as that. Well, it might not be a wand, but here’s a technique that will help, especially during these trying pandemic times. You’ve had a lot of change thrown in your direction and that can be unsettling. Here’s the good news …

You already hold the key to happiness. Do you know how to unlock it?

The key is not something you own or anything you could buy. The key is not in your hand. Actually it’s right between your ears. It’s your brain, your attitude, and how you think, and that can unlock amazing rewards for you.

How you think affects the words you use; your words become your actions; then actions that are repeated become your habits. Your habits are what form your reputation. It all begins with your mindset.

How you think and what you believe affects how you behave

Change how you think, change your life.

Here’s the great thing about your thinking – YOU control it. You decide what to focus on, what to believe in and what to value. Only you determine your self-talk and what you tell yourself. When you do, are you kind and gentle with yourself or judgmental and impatient? Are you positive or negative?

When my clients hear me present on the subject of how to program your thinking to be more positive, they routinely come up after the presentation and tell me how much they appreciate this message. They regale me with tales of their negative workplaces, and they often say they wish that their whole team could hear this message.

Ironically, those who are most negative are often not in a frame of mind to consider a change. So what to do about that? You’re not going to change someone else’s behavior; you just don’t have that control over them, only over yourself. Here’s what you can do …

Create a work culture where negativity isn’t tolerated.

Make it so uncomfortable for someone to be negative that being so isn’t viable. It begins with you and your attitude and how you communicate with others. Foster communication with positive people and curb it with the negaholics.

How you communicate begins with how you think. So tell me, what’s consuming your thoughts these days? Positive or negative?

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