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Say it like a Leader™

( ... communicate the good, the bad, the ugly)

Ever wonder what separates leaders from losers? Communication has a lot to do with it! Leaders don’t lie; they don’t shy away from tough talks. Sometimes you need to let someone know — an employee, boss or client — that there’s a problem. Knowing how and when to have those difficult conversations will position you as the leader you’re meant to be. In the workplace, you have the unsavory task of breaking bad news and sharing contrary viewpoints. Others look to you to offer your expertise and opinion. Imagine if you knew how to be honest, to have your say … without ruining relationships.

Marion walks you through real-life examples to demonstrate the major pitfalls to avoid and must-dos to say it like a leader. She guides you through 5 simple steps to have those critical conversations and say the things that need saying. Sometimes it’s good news and other times, it’s not. Like discussing a lateness issue with an employee, announcing an organizational change or ‘fessing up to a mistake made. Whatever the situation you find yourself in, this system will break down the process into bite-size, manageable and reliable pieces. Using this surefire formula allows you to be authentic, offer your input, and share your expertise in a way that people will feel respected and valued after hearing it. Trying to keep it all inside will backfire. Your confidence will dwindle, your frustration increase, and you will compromise your performance and goals.

 Marion’s presentation is absolutely amazing and left us wanting more. She gave us all food for thought in the way we approach life and our ability to handle situations that are challenging and overwhelming. I highly recommend Marion – her message is powerful!

Wendy Hill, Program Coordinator, Osgoode Home Support Program

Having served as a Director Communication for several national institutions and managed teams of employees, organizational restructures and contentious media issues, Marion provides real-life examples borne of in-the-trenches experience, of how to say the tough things, whether it’s good news or bad. 


  • Assume the mindset of a leader
  • Influence and inspire
  • 3 tips to communicating like a leader during time-critical moments
  • Say and do when things go wrong, go right, or are changing
  • Respond like a leader when others have concerns
  • Constructively offer feedback and express concerns

Marion loves working with business people at all levels from corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors. Her ability to find laughter in the oddest places and her somewhat irreverent sense of humor help drive home her lessons in saying it like it is.

Very good content..great insights of a leader’s quality and mindset”, “Great speaker…liked Marion’s real-life examples

Attendees, Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB)

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