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What are you actions saying about YOU?

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When was the last time you communicated concern … through your actions? Every day you have opportunities to actively show the world, through your behaviours, what you think. People can’t see inside your brain. The only way they gather clues about how you think is what you say to them (if you’re telling them the full truth and not what you think they want to hear), and how you behave. Actions really do speak louder than words. People can’t read your mind, only your actions

Here’s something important to remember:  no response IS a response. 

Your action of not responding shouts volumes. It tells someone you’re busy, and sometimes as a response, that’s just fine. When this non-response becomes your default response, however, it may be read as disinterest in the topic or worse yet, the person. When you don’t at least acknowledge receipt, you run the risk of being perceived as rude. If that relationship means nothing to you, you might be okay living with that outcome. But if that person reaching out to you is someone you care for and want in your life, or if it’s a colleague you need to work with, your no-response may well put the relationship in jeopardy.

Do you proactively offer when you see someone needs help? Or do you sit on the answer?

When someone asks you for something that you know you’re able to give, do you? What if they don’t ask, do you reach out? Or do you turn a blind eye and leave it to someone else to give a hand? This goes beyond being kind or altruistic. Reaching out builds relationships and defines who you are and what you value.

I remember having some chances to help a few colleagues a few years back, and I grabbed the occasions with both hands. Two unrelated colleagues who don’t know each other, both going through the same struggle — dissatisfied with their jobs and wanting to move forward to other opportunities, but how?

A third colleague was overwhelmed with client expectations and workload. For one, I connected him with a placement firm. For the other, I reviewed her resume (not really my thing, but I added my two cents worth). For the third, I worked with her to get a supplier to relieve the load.

And what did I get? A chance to help a few colleagues and to communicate through my actions that I care about them and their futures. It’s honest, it’s genuine, and now they know — through my actions — how I feel. Who do you know who is ready to move to action and needs your help? Maybe it’s a colleague who is swamped. Perhaps it’s a boss who needs a cup of coffee just to be reminded that he’s a human being first, boss second. Or it could be a client who is stymied with options and not sure which one best meets her needs.

If you’re sitting on information or in a position to help, this is your invitation to jump in.

Remember my saying, “we communicate what we value by how we spend our resources”. Show people you value them by your actions. Look around. I’m sure there’s a person in your life just hoping someone would reach out and throw them a lifesaver. I encourage you to find that opportunity to act. Doing so communicates more about you than you may realize, and what it says is all good. PS: Here’s a chance to act and help your colleagues and me — invite them to sign up to receive “Marion’s Communication Tips”. Just ask them to visit my website at  © 2016 Marion Grobb Finkelstein

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