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When you work with someone, do you go that extra mile? Do you figure out a way to communicate so it connects? Do you add value to your projects?

Here’s what I do …

When I’m presenting for a client, I sometimes prepare a quick video announcing the session (like the one below). Really, what I’m doing is ADDING VALUE — and you can do this too. This sample video adds value to the client in helping get their message out, it adds value to the recipients who are advised of a great session they could attend to hone their communication skills, and it gives an immediate communication tip that you can use, whether you come to the event or not. Check out this video below and you’ll see what I mean. Listen especially at the one-minute mark … this is where I give a tip that your boss will LOVE.

NOTE: You may have contacted me to advise that you couldn’t see any embedded video in this email. For that reason, here’s the VIDEO LINK http://youtu.be/4k47V2-AOoI

Here’s the point: ADD VALUE to the project.

Good communication is important in any workplace endeavor. Figure out a way to help a colleague reach out and connect to their audience, members, and stakeholders, and you’ve added value. You make a difference when you communicate to connect.  If you come from a place of service, provide information you know will help, and are authentic and genuine in your efforts, people recognize that.

So what project are YOU working on that needs a communication boost? What could YOU do to assist? No matter how small, your contribution helps because communication is never a one-time deal. It takes great frequency and many vehicles to get your message across to those you serve. Reach out often and provide useful information, and you increase your chance of really connecting.

PS: BTW, if you do come to this Fort McMurray workshop, let me know in advance … it’ll be great to connect in person!

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Marion Grobb Finkelstein
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Better communication, better business, better life.

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Marion Grobb Finkelstein

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