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Thanks for joining me and exploring how to “TALK TECH TO NON-TECHIES”. Now comes the tricky part — applying your new skills. To help you implement, here are highlights of the PowerPoint deck on this topic. 

PPT HIGHLIGHTS-Talk Tech to Non-techies

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For your convenience and quick reference,
here’s a handy reference sheet of useful highlights. 

Tip Sheet:

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Post this summary sheet in your workplace so you see it everyday as a visual reminder of the strategies you can implement.

What’s next?

Apply what you’ve learned! Most people take training and never apply the knowledge and skills they’ve just learned. Don’t let that happen to you. Pick one, two, or many strategies we discussed, and put them into practice. Remember, knowledge is only powerful when it’s moved to action.

I look forward to sharing additional workplace communication and leadership tips and strategies with you. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line at Marion@MarionSpeaks.com 

Let me know which strategy you find most useful and the difference it’s made to your leadership communication. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. 

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