Congratulations! You are a VERSATILE NETWORKER.

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Thanks for taking the quiz. Your answers suggest that you are an “VERSATILE NETWORKER”, and that’s great news!

Your networking strengths:

As a “VERSATILE NETWORKER”, you move fluidly between welcoming those who approach you while also being comfortable initiating contact with others.  You are comfortable speaking one-to-one or mixing with a group. You have a balance between the amount of time you talk and how much you listen. While you enjoy kicking in your two cents or a personal story to keep the conversation going, you are equally interested in hearing other people’s comments and stories.

You have a natural ability, should you choose to use it, to adjust readily to the communication style of other networkers. If they want to talk more, you listen. If they are at a loss for words, you instinctively know how to keep the conversation going by injecting comments, questions, and anecdotes. 

Your gestures and facial expressions are moderate in nature — enough to communicate your reactions and not so big that they may be found overwhelming.

Networking feels quite comfortable to you and you don’t shy away from it. In fact, you often actually enjoy the opportunity to interact with others. After an event, you feel slightly energized and may choose some quiet time to relax or opt for some more interaction with others, depending on how energizing you found the event.

Your networking growth areas:

You have a natural ability to both listen and respond to others. As you are so versatile, you 

You may benefit by honing your ability to read other people so you may better accommodate their communication style. Although you have the gift of flexibility, your real power rests in not just reading and interpreting the other person’s signals, but knowing what to do with that information. Without reading and interpreting properly, you are at risk of missing the clues that will guide you to the most appropriate responses. For example, if you are unable to recognize that someone would like to inject a comment, you may miss the signals and talk right over them. Or you may miss the signal that someone would appreciate your input and speaking up. Being mindful and aware of these verbal and body language signals will allow you to not only read the messages correctly, it will allow you to intuitively respond with the correct tool from your impressive networking skill set. 

Read the signals and energy levels of others. Mirror and match their pace, tone, body language, words, and you will better connect at your next networking event.


As a VERSATILE NETWORKER, you have amazing networking strengths! You also have terrific opportunities to pump up those skills even further.  Be more aware of your growth areas and lean into your natural personality and  networking strengths. Networking is a wonderful tool you can use strategically to build your teams, foster new relationships, and nurture new business opportunities. Go do what you do best and stretch those growth areas. You got this!

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