Congrats! You are an "INITIATING NETWORKER"

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Thanks for taking the quiz. Your answers suggest that you are an “INITIATING NETWORKER”, and that’s great news!

Your networking strengths:

As an “INITIATING NETWORKER”, you have amazing innate networking skills. You get things started when you network. You take initiative to begin conversations and approach people. You are likely quite comfortable at mixing and mingling and may be very adept at doing it. You are the type of networker that others want and need at a networking event because you get conversations started and keep them going. 

Keeping conversations alive with stories, questions, and inputting your perspective, comes second nature to you. You are quick to respond when someone approaches you or includes you in their discussions. Although you enjoy in-depth discussions, you are just as pleased at having small talk and light conversations. You don’t see small talk as a waste of time. Rather, you find chitchat builds relationships and can often lead to more meaningful discussions.

Unlike some people, you actually enjoy most networking events and find them energizing. In fact, after an event, you are so full of energy you likely need some time to come down from the networking high before you can call it a night. When you get home from a networking event, you may regale your significant other with stories of who you met, what you chatted about, what you enjoyed or didn’t, and what type of follow up you plan on doing. 

You networking growth areas:

Your enthusiasm is sometimes misunderstood. Your energy may cause your voice to be a little louder, your action to be a little larger, and your interjections interpreted as interruptions. Some people may find these behaviours a little jarring. Be yourself, by all means, because you are a terrific networker! Also be cognizant if your actions are offputting to the person or persons you’re chatting with, modify them. If so, be aware and take it down a notch, lower the energy level just a bit. Speak a little softer, a wee bit slower, to mirror and match the person with whom you are connecting. Still be wonderfully and authentically you, just a slightly more reserved version that others will more readily relate to.

As you jump into dialogue readily, you may also be interrupting others. To avoid this, firstly become aware if this is one of your challenges. Secondly, do something about it. Catch yourself wanting to interrupt and instead, apologize for the interruption, and encourage the other to please continue, you’ll tell them something when they’re finished. Listen attentively and allow the other person to complete his/her/their thought before you jump in. The more you practice doing this, the better you’ll get at it.

Careful about the chitchat on surface only topics. Dive a little deeper to bite into topics that may be of interest and help to the people with whom you are networking. Avoid long-winded, rambling responses that may dissuade others from speaking at all. Time your networking interactions to give yourself and others the opportunity to meet and connect with others. Become aware of body language to read the clues of when others want to move on to another topic or person … and give you a chance to connect with someone else.

If you slip and do interrupt, no problem. It only becomes an issue if you’re doing it constantly. Simply, apologize and ask the other person to please continue. Hang on to what they’re saying, not what you want to say.


You have amazing networking strengths! You also have terrific opportunities to pump up those skills even further.  Be more aware of your growth areas and lean into your natural personality and  networking strengths. Networking is a wonderful tool you can use strategically to build your teams, foster new relationships, and nurture new business opportunities. Go do what you do best and initiate!

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