The Finkelstein Factor™​ (print version)


What to do when things go wrong … because you know they will (sigh). This print book walks you through a system to flip negative events into positive outcomes.

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The Finkelstein FactorTM plots a roadmap to guide you in flipping just about any negative event into a positive outcome. Sprinkled with real-life stories, this book resonates with anyone who has ever faced a personal or workplace challenge and wished they knew how to bounce forward … and then let go.

Much more than just a “feel good” read, The Finkelstein FactorTM shares proven, practical, and powerful tools and strategies to:

  • Shift your thinking about self-care (it’s not selfish, it’s selfless!)
  • Deal with the often overlooked step of acknowledging your loss
  • 4 insightful questions to help you flip any negative to a positive
  • 6 acid test questions to help you let go and move forward

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