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3 questions to check if you’re listening to your clients

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This past week, I had the chance to experience some wonderful healthcare professionals in London, Ontario. My husband was having a procedure done and I had a couple of days of sitting bedside. It gave me the opportunity to be a fly on the wall.

It wasn’t too long before a couple of the healthcare professionals stood out, head and shoulders above the rest.

THE DOCTOR: A few hours after Steve got wheeled into the operating room, his surgeon came to the waiting room to advise me of the status. I remember him saying the word “perfect”. The procedure was “perfect” and there were no surprises. Whew, what a relief. And from this, comes the first acid test question to ask YOURSELF about your communication with your clients, be they internal colleagues or external stakeholders or customers. Here’s the question.

QUESTION #1: Do you provide timely updates … even before they’re requested.

THE NURSE: Nurse Steve (yup, he had the same name as my hubby) stood by my husband’s bedside, and before my Steve mentioned he was in pain, Nurse Steve asked him how he was doing and did he need some medication. This was such a contrast from some other healthcare people I’ve met elsewhere. So, again it led me to ask, what was it that Nurse Steve was doing that made the difference, that felt so warm and giving? From this observation, comes my second question to test your client service ability.

QUESTION #2: Do you anticipate the needs of your client … before they have to ask?

MY FRIENDS & FAMILY: In addition to healthcare pros, friends and family taught me a thing or two about connecting. As I sat in the hospital, huddled with my laptop for a few days, I pounced on the moments my husband was awake and also enjoyed the moments when he escaped to sleepland. In those quiet times, it was the Facebook posts, the emails, the messages from friends and family that kept me connected and bouyed. These people were not requesting medical updates and data. Rather, they were expressing feelings of care, concern, and support that helped. That leads me to the third and final quick question to ask yourself.

QUESTION #3: Do you show the human connection side of your personality?

People like to do business with people they like, people with whom they feel valued and appreciated. If you answered “yes” to all the three questions above, you’re on your way to offering great client service. Conversely, if “no” was your response to even one of these questions, now you know the area or areas where you can try something new … something that will demonstrate that yes, you really are listening to your clients.

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