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Marion smiling gives a thumbs up in front of a row of Costco tires.
Kudos to Costco Wholesale tire service in Niagara Falls.
Driving back from Florida two weeks ago wasn’t fun. Normally, I don’t mind the 21 hour (2 day) trek, but this time I did. About 10 hours into the drive, we got a nail in the back tire. Arrrgh, right? 
We visited 3 tire places in deep south nowheresville, only to learn no one had a matching tire to replace the damaged one.  
The last guy plugged it ensuring us it would be fine for months.
We managed to make it safely back to Canada, keeping to speed limits and avoiding potholes.
Upon arriving in Canada, we didn’t go home… we drove straight to Costco. We explained that barely over a year ago, we had spent about $2k at Costco for all new tires. And now, we had a stinkin’ nail right on the tire whitewall curve, making repair unsafe and replacement required.
The manager searched high and low for tire replacement. After placing the order and waiting 2 weeks, the tires finally arrived and were installed today. Yeah!!!!
And the best part? They honored the warranty and gave us a HUGE break on costs. We are profoundly #grateful and even bigger Costco fans.
Costco Niagara has earned our business. We’ve been members for over 20 years … and I suspect, largely due to this recent experience, we will be for another twenty.


Treat your clients well. When things go wrong, it’s an opportunity to WOW your client.
Costco sure did.

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