Communicate to connect with clients, colleagues, bosses, and employees


(a.k.a., Keys to responding to crazy people at work)

Let’s be honest — there are people in the workplace who push your buttons — and you’re stuck with them. It’s affecting your job satisfaction, performance and ability to reach corporate goals. You’re ready to pull your hair out. Maybe you’d close that sale if only you could connect with that client who responds with just a silent stare. Perhaps it’s an aggressive colleague or an employee who thinks it’s okay to complain constantly (it’s not). Worse yet, maybe it’s your boss who interrupts and repeats so often, you’re on the edge of losing it. Whoever this person is, is critical to you accomplishing your goals.

The only problem? They drive you crazy.

In this entertaining keynote, Marion gives you a roadmap to handle the most irritating communication habits. You’ll relate to the funny, real-life stories of workplace communication challenges. Drawing on her experience as a former Director Communications of several national organizations and being certified in personality type, Marion offers practical, powerful and proven insights of how to handle your most irritating people.


  • Interrupting Ingrid
  • Pokerface Paula
  • Hyper Hector
  • Silent Sam

Marion has spoken at national conferences, corporate functions, and association events across the country, offering hard-hitting, often irreverent examples and solutions to workplace communication challenge.

For anyone looking to kick off his or her conference with an informative and uplifting presentation, I would highly recommend Marion Grobb Finkelstein. She is a polished speaker who will contribute to the success of your event.

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NOTE: Marion’s keynotes are 45 to 60 minutes. Duration is modified to accommodate your timing needs.

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