When was the last time you thanked someone?

Maybe you received outstanding service at the bank. Perhaps a colleague went out of his or her way to get you the information you needed to move forward in a project. It could be a family member who helped you out with a personal challenge so you could focus your limited energy on getting your career back on track. You likely have things, both large and small, for which you could give thanks. The question is, do you?

Saying thank you sounds so basic. It is. It’s a little thing that makes a BIG difference. Saying thank you is the foundation upon which your relationships are built. And relationships are the foundation of your professional life and business. 

Sometimes, you may find it easier to say nothing. You sometimes forget or don’t think about it. Or worse yet, instead of saying thanks, you find something to complain about. Oh yes, we humans love complaining. 

Here’s a thought: stop complaining, start creating instead. 

When you replace complaining about a sense of thanks, you replace negative energy with positive vibes. You create a healthy workplace and a happy life. It all begins with coming from a place of awareness and with assuming an attitude of gratitude. In this day and age, with so much going crazy, it’s important to take a moment and acknowledge what’s right in your life.

STEP #1: Figure out who you want to thank

This weekend is an opportunity to remember the forgotten people in your life who would appreciate being thanked for what they do. For all my Canadian friends and family, this coming weekend marks Canadian Thanksgiving (our American friends will be celebrating next month). This occasion is a wonderful opportunity for you to step back and actively think about, “who do I want to thank?”. 

Think of someone right now. A name may pop into your head immediately, or maybe you want to give it some thought. Whatever your method, turn your thoughts to at least one person who has done something that helped you personally or professionally. This person might not even know the impact he or she had on your life — but you do.

STEP #2: Define specifically what he or she did AND the impact it had on you

Once you have the name of someone you’d like to thank, ask yourself “why?”. What was it that he or she did or didn’t do, and (here’s the important part) how did that action positively affect your life? Be specific. Relate his or her action to your outcome. With the passage of time, you might notice the impact that at first, you didn’t. This person’s action may have started a ripple effect that led to something wonderful or pushed your life in a direction you hadn’t before considered. Find words to enunciate how this person positively impacted you, helped you grow, contributed to forming the person you are today with all your wonderful traits and character.

STEP #3: Let him or her know–communicate your thanks!

Now comes the fun part–communicate. No one is a mindreader so open your mouth, give a gesture, or do an act of kindness to say thanks. Let the person know how grateful you are and why. The question is, “how” to express your gratitude. There are many ways to say “thanks”. The most effective one will be the way that means the most to the person you’re thanking.

Some people like to hear the words. Others like to see a note or card. Still, others enjoy receiving a gift or token of your gratitude. Perhaps an act of service is something your person would most enjoy.

Ways to say “thank you” they’ll understand and appreciate

Here are some ways you could say thank you to others. This list might reflect some of the things you’ve already done. It will certainly get your ideas flowing:

  • a hand-written thank you note
  • a gift basket brimming with their favorite treats
  • a favorite bottle of wine (or let them try one of yours)
  • a certain product or item you know they’ve been looking for or they mentioned they’d like to try
  • do them a favor … with no strings attached
  • run an errand for them when you know they don’t have time
  • give them useful information about their industry
  • provide insights or products based on your area of expertise
  • pamper them with an activity that makes them feel pampered and you know they like (e.g. spa, golf, restaurant)
  • gift certificate for a coffee place
  • send a book they mentioned
  • give a subscription to their favorite magazine

What else? This list is just the start. I know that you have more ideas and I’d love to hear them. I’m always looking for interesting and unique ways to say “thank you”. Go to my blog below and answer this question:

QUESTION: What’s the BEST thank you gift you’ve ever given or received?

There is someone in your life who needs to be thanked. Think about it and you can make a difference in your workplace, your family, and your community. This Thanksgiving weekend is your chance to reach out and connect. Try it and my guess is, you’ll be thanked … on many levels.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! However you’re celebrating, stay safe and grateful. The world needs you and your positive energy. I’m grateful you’re part of my world.


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