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Happy Valentines Day! How do you care?

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This week we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a time to express caring. There are endless ways to show you value people. What do you do? Do your colleagues and clients know you value them? If not, think about how you could express that.

I often tell my clients that people can’t read your mind, only your actions.

No one can possibly know what you are thinking until you actually say it, or what you want to do until you do it. They only know and remember the things you say or do. Now here’s the rub: they don’t know the motivation or reasoning behind your actions, they only know your actions.

You show what you value by how you spend your resources, and your most valuable of resources is your time.

How you spend your time, and who you spend it on, communicates volumes.

When you reach out to someone else, the results can be remarkable. It’s great fun to connect with someone you love being with, someone who makes you laugh and makes you feel valued and alive. You enjoy working with him or her, so you tend to reach out more than to someone who’s tough to work with. It’s difficult to reach out to those who are prickly, but even those people can make wonderful colleagues or clients. Sometimes, in fact, those are the very people who need to know someone values them. Maybe that someone is you.

Show someone you care this week.

Perhaps a client, colleague, employee or boss would be delighted to know you care. And be sure to show yourself that you care for YOU too because that communicates and models to others how valuable you really are.

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