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Client-focused people do THIS. (Do you?)

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Have you ever noticed that people who are really client-oriented have this one thing in common:

They run that extra mile. Do you?

When your colleagues, clients, employees or bosses ask you to do something, do you get by with the bare minimum? Or do you give it that little extra effort to really meet the needs and wants of the person asking? In fact, do you do that extra step even before they ask?

I had a recent taste of wonderful customer service.

While preparing for an upcoming trip out of country, I called my cell phone provider (Rogers) to ask about roaming fees. Thankfully, I was able to speak to a live person and a very helpful one at that. Her name was Helena and she was a dream. She patiently explained the costing options, and when I said I had a Samsung phone and was concerned about incurring roaming fees, she asked a colleague of hers who had a Samsung to verify that my phone settings were set up correctly. Thank you, Helena!

Wow! Going that extra step differentiates you from others.

So what was it that made this exchange so memorable, and what can you use in your workplace? Here are the take-aways. Next time you’re faced with a client challenge, consider it as an opportunity to let your service shine and do the following …  

Be accessible:

Be available and ready to listen to concerns. Use whatever channels and type of communication your client prefers. Not sure? Ask them.

Be responsive.

Once the client does reach out and connect with you, respond. The shorter the length of time between when the express their concern and you respond, the greater the chance of quick resolution and Have you ever noticed that people who are really client-oriented have this one thing in common:

Be responsible.

Take ownership not just of the problem or challenge, also for finding the solution). If you don’t have it, find it, or connect the client with someone who does.

How you communicate with your clients will form their opinions of you AND your organization.

Every exchange is a chance to develop and cement a reputation. Being client-oriented isn’t just “a nice thing” to do — it makes terrific business sense. When you go that extra mile, you communicate that you value your clients, so much so, that you give them your most valuable resource — your time and energy.

And that’s what makes client-oriented people, like you, so special.

QUESTION: What great customer service examples have you offered or lived? Post your responses below. I always love hearing from you.

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