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Buttons and Bows

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Buttons my mom collected over the years became cherished Christmas ornaments.

It seems like such a small thing, a jar of miscellaneous buttons clipped from countless items of clothing. To me, it represented a lifetime of loving care, a tangible link to my past, and I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. 

When my mom passed away several years ago, I stumbled upon a mason jar of buttons she had collected. Mom had been an avid seamstress in her day, not so much because she loved sewing but rather more because sewing allowed a meager budget to be stretched. I remember well her hands deftly working the fabrics, clipping, and snipping, mending and making our clothes.

Items come with memories.

This mason jar of buttons represented all that to me — but what to do with it now? I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out. And then, at this magic time of year, I had a brain flash. I strung the buttons together on a wire, added a festive ribbon and voila — buttons ‘n bow tree ornaments were created!

The delight on my sister’s and niece’s faces when I gave them theirs was absolutely joyful to witness. They, like me, understood what those buttons represented. 

Being resilient and coping with loss often means letting go. In this case, I managed to repurpose the items and pass them forward. I might have gotten rid of the item, but I forever will keep the memories.

Find your magic moments.

My wish for you and yours during this holiday season is that you find and share the magic moments in your life. Your joy may come from the most ordinary and unexpected places–a coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, a card received from a relative, or a special recipe a loved one gave you years ago that fills your home with familiar aromas and your heart with memories. 

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Channukah, or simply life itself, this season is a time of celebration and memories — remembering old ones and creating new ones. Here’s wishing you a year of “buttons and bows” moments. 



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