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Avoid the terrible “toos”

By December 1, 2011 August 8th, 2019 No Comments

How you look affects how you feel and how much confidence you have. When you look great, you feel great. When you feel great, you have more confidence in almost everything you do, including communicating. You feel better about presenting yourself and your ideas.

You feel different when you know you look great.

Remember the last time you got an outfit that fit you like a glove? Or got a new haircut that really behooved you? When you looked at yourself, you felt different, perhaps more confident. You held yourself differently, stood a little straighter, walked with a little more attitude, and felt like you could take on the world. When you looked yourself in the mirror, the person who looked back at you was self-assured and welcomed the chance to share his or her thoughts, maybe even confidently present an alternative perspective.

Getting “that look” of confidence may seem like a pipe dream. Maybe you’re not sure what “look” you’re after. Maybe you don’t know what to look for or what style would best suit you. Or it could be that costs are getting in the way. Whatever look you decide on, for whatever reason, there’s a few guidelines that will help in your choices. I call them “avoiding the terrible toos”.


  • Too tight, too bright
  • Too high-hemmed, too low-cut
  • Too old, too young
  • Too extreme, too boring

Avoiding extremes in how you appear will help you feel less self-conscious. It will help you to focus your limited energies on your communication instead of being concerned about your appearance. It will also help those with whom you’re communicating focus on your message instead of being distracted by how you look. Consider it as one less thing to worry about and one more strategy to improve how you communicate to connect.

You might not think about how your appearance affects how and what you communicate. Think again. Because if you don’t consider it, you may realize another “too” — too late.


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