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What makes an attractive workplace? In part, it’s the physical location, and that’s the focus of this discussion. The inside of the office or work site is a topic for another day. Today we’re talking about where your work location is relative to your living place. 

According to a recent LI poll I conducted, employees want their leaders to provide HYBRID WORK LOCATIONS. Does your organization?

The convenience of hybrid isn’t going away. I feel somewhat validated. Having a home office, online meetings, with a sprinkling of in-person presentations here and there, I’ve been living the hybrid workstyle for a few decades, and I love it. I’m able to dash to the kitchen, throw in laundry, or be here for home deliveries. The convenience saves time and adds real quality to life and workstyle.

I’m fortunate that so much of my work can be done remotely. Not all jobs are like that. It’s interesting to ask yourself HOW they could be. Doing so shifts your thinking from “no” to “how” … and innovation occurs. You’ll discover solutions you never would have thought of.

The choice is yours. Balancing the needs of the organization with the needs of the workforce is tricky and each case is different.

As a leader, you choose the work location and the impact of your decision rings through your team’s productivity, talent attraction and retention, and your ability to ultimately serve your clients.

So tell me in the comments below, is your organization incorporating working at home for some of your workforce? Is it your preference? What do you see as the benefits and limitations?

Make the choice that’s right for you, your employees, your organization, and your clients. That’s what leaders do.

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